Insysol private limited was founded in 2020 in Valsad, Gujarat. Initially, we started with services in embedded systems. Now Team is expanded to cater services in VLSI, PLC based systems too. We also provide internship and training programs to college students. We are dedicated to serving our customers with our young team.


Insysol builds intuitive system solutions and relieves the pain of every living on earth through growing technologies. Our goal is to provide the most reliable and comfortable products to our customer’s unique needs and requirements while providing the utmost security and safety to our clients.


Insysol is building a team and developing skills in-house with expertise in embedded systems, the Internet of Things, Programmable Logic Control, Semiconductors, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. In the upcoming few years, Insysol will be the industry leader in providing services and solutions in domains.


Our services

Embeded System

An Embedded system is designed to perform the dedicated task with limited resources of memory, I/O, and power. With cutting-edge technology, it can work in real-time domains too. Many smart devices like smartwatches, voice assistants, and smartphones are typical examples of embedded systems.

FPGA System

FPGAs and CPLDs have created a revolution in the VLSI industry. With the great flexibility of programmable hardware, it has drastically reduced time to market. Product prototyping has also been made easy.

PLC Based System

A PLC-based system for your application makes it more flexible, robust, and efficient. It increases the automation process for your business. Automatic data logging can provide statistics about your overall system.


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